CFP: [Theory] where ghosts live (2/2/09; 9/4/09-9/6/09)

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Graham Allen and David Coughlan
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where ghosts live

Department of English, University College Cork, Ireland
4-6 September 2009

Confirmed speakers:
Prof. Nicholas Royle, University of Sussex
Dr Roy Sellars, University of Southern Denmark
Dr Sarah Wood, University of Kent

Call for Papers
Following the spectres of Marx, do we now see everywhere Derrida’s ghosts?
Or can it be said that the contemporary theorist has always been haunted by
the ghost (“which is neither present or absent, neither alive nor dead”
[Derrida]) of Derrida (“the philosopher renowned for his problematic
relation to presence” [McQuillan])?

“The ghost of Derrida” might here refer to his work on the crypt, the
coffin, on the spectre, the revenant, the phantom, spirit, on hauntology,
on mourning, but is this all that we subscribe to if we believe in
Derrida’s ghost? In the same way, the theoretical and critical currency
that the figure of the ghost possesses is understandable, given the ghost’s
presentation of absence, its (non-)presence everywhere, its untimeliness,
its relation to repetition and the uncanny, to memory and writing, to the
dead, but is this theoretical resonance all that the ghost consists of? Do
ghosts, the dead living, not teach us something significant about theory,
living and not living, and living after theory, and especially about those
things which are intangibly present in our lives: love, friendship,
hospitality, justice, knowledge, forgiveness, responsibility?

For the conference "where ghosts live" we seek theoretically-conscious
papers which explore the nature of ghosts and what we divine from them.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Theoretical representations of ghosts; Ghosts in theory, criticism, and
literature; The language of ghosts; Interpreting ghosts and ghost writing;
Ghosts and artistic practice; Methods of haunting; The appearance of
ghosts; The gender of ghosts; Loving ghosts, ironic ghosts, and the anger
of ghosts; Learning from ghosts; Conversing and dialoguing with ghosts;
Remembering and witnessing ghosts; Psychoanalysing ghosts; Ghostly
repetitions; Ghosts, uncertainty, and the incalculable; Locating ghosts, in
space and time; The materiality and corporeality of ghosts; Immateriality,
insubstantiality, and weightiness; Ghosts, the godly, religion, and the
law; How ghosts live; The employment, occupation, and recreation of ghosts;
The survival of ghosts; Becoming ghosts of the future.

Please send abstracts of 300-400 words for 20 minute presentations by 2
February 2009 to:

For further information please see,59907,en.html or use the conference
email address above to contact the conference organisers:

Graham Allen, Department of English, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.
David Coughlan, Department of Languages and Cultural Studies, University of
Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.

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