UPDATE: [International] indendence literatures in a global context

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nadjia amrane
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Fifth International Conference, English Department, University of Algiers
Theme:"Independence Literatures in a Global Context" (7-9 March in
With independent nations and former empires now acting in their right,
the global scene is being energized, in a manner and to an extent which
remain to be determined, by the struggle for freedom and sovereignty
which raged in the past two centuries. As symbolic territory hosting and
regulating the past, present, and (potentially)future aspirations, dreams
and fantasies of the community, literature may be of a precious aid in
order to assess the dynamics of independence as defined below.

Papers are invited on the following(by no means exhaustive)topics:the
euphoria and disillusionment of independence;negociating past and
present;re-encountering the former empire;the empire and
independence;triangulizing empire,nation and world;the discourse of
independence.Related papers in history and socio-psychology are welcome.
Proposals(300-500 words)are due by 20January 2009 and should be e-mailed
to:Dr Nadjia Amrane, English Department, University of Algiers,
indeplit_09_at_hotmail.com, or faxed to 0021321941419. Accommodation is
provided to the speakers by the university, free of charge. The official
languages of the conference will be English, Arabic and French.

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