Humanities for the 21st Century

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Central Washington University
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Papers are invited for a special issue on "Humanities for the Twenty-first Century" for the Journal of Contemporary Thought, a multi-disciplinary, multinational journal published by the Center for Contemporary Theory in India. The journal, started in 1991, circulates mostly in South and Southeast Asia and comes out twice a year. The special issue will be later published in the form of a book.

The late twentieth century has placed enormous trust on science and technology as a means of human progress and development around the globe, and arguably the trust has not been misplaced. Yet often the allocation of available human and material resources to the growth of technology and industry has caused critical neglect of the humanities, and the world has witnessed balkanization, national crises of faith, massive hunger, poverty, disease, and international hostility in different parts of the world on a scale never seen before, as any cumulative gain in the human condition seems to have bypassed a large majority of the world population. In light of recent insights on the concepts of progress, development, civilization, and such other critical terms of discourse, now is a good time to reflect on and hold a sustained conversation on how the humanities might play a constructive global role in the twenty-first century to move us toward the ideals of the "good" life we cherish for all of humanity.

The journal hopes to include some of the major voices, pro and con, on this dialogue on the complementing/ competing relation between the sciences and the humanities. I hope you will contribute a piece to this issue, or allow us to re-print a published piece of your choice.

Deadline April 30, 2009