ECREA Film Studies section FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS - 28 Feb 2010

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ECREA 2010 -- 3rd European Communication Conference

Transcultural Communication -- Intercultural Comparisons

Hamburg, Germany, 12-15 October 2010

The Film Studies section of the European Communication Research and
Education Association (ECREA) invites paper, panel and poster proposals
within the broad area of film studies for the forthcoming conference in
collaboration with the Hans Bredow Institute, and the University of
Hamburg and the Hamburg Media School in Hamburg, Germany from 12 to 15
October 2010. The general theme of the conference is 'Transcultural
Communication -- Intercultural Comparisons'.

Ranging from early cinema experiences in European metropolis, to the
contemporary blockbuster multiplexes, film has always been at the
forefront of European popular culture. The film studies section invites
contributions that deal with film in a broad variety of aspects: film as
content, as cultural artefact, as commercial product, as lived
experience, as cultural and economic institution, as symbolic field of
cultural production, as media technology, etc. We strive towards
methodological openness and multilevel approaches on the study of
historical and contemporary cinema: film text, context, production,
representation and reception. Cultural studies perspectives, historical
approaches, political economy, textual analysis, audience research all
find its place within the section.

We hope to see you in Hamburg!

Philippe Meers, chair and program coordinator Film Studies section

Vinzenz Hediger & Mark Jancovich, vice-chairs Film Studies section

proposals for individual papers, panels as well as poster presentations.
All proposals must be submitted through the conference website:

Abstracts should be written in English and should contain a clear
outline of the argument, the theoretical framework, and where applicable
methodology and results. The preferred length of the individual
abstracts is between 400 and 500 words (the maximum is 500 words).

Panel proposals --which should consist of five individual
contributions-- combine a panel abstract with five individual abstracts,
each of which are between 400 and 500 words.

Participants may submit more than one proposal, but only one paper or
poster by the same first author will be accepted and programmed. First
authors can still be second (or third, etc.) author of other papers or
posters, and can still act as chair or respondent of a panel.

All proposals should be submitted through the website no later than 28
February 2010. Please note that this submission deadline will not be

Proposals should be submitted through the conference website. Please go


28 February 2010: Deadline for online submission

End of April 2010: Notification of acceptance

15 September 2010: Deadline for submission of full papers (for online

For more information, please visit the website: