CFP Transatlantic Perspectives and History in the Making: East-European Cultural Space from Post-Communism to Post-EU Accession

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Prof. Rodica Mihaila, Center for American Studies, University of Bucharest

Transatlantic Perspectives and History in the Making: East-European Cultural Space from Post-Communism to Post-E.U. Accession

Time and place: 4th of June, 2010
The Center for American Studies,
The Faculty of Foreign Languages.
The University of Bucharest
Bucharest, Romania
Moderator: prof. dr. Rodica Mihăilă

This international interdisciplinary workshop invites participants to reflect on the dynamics of Eastern European cultural space from a transatlantic perspective. In the last 20 years, Eastern Europe has testified to a veritable history in the making, shifting from the neo-colonial marginalization witnessed in the first post-communist years, to the shift towards the global, cosmopolitan and transnational structures in the wake of post- E.U. accession.
In order to offer a perspective upon the paradigmatic changes that have re-shaped the face of Eastern Europe in the 20 years since the fall of communism, this workshop invites proposals to consider Eastern European space in a transatlantic perspective, the U.S. in particular acting as a highly valuable space of reflection for Eastern European identity. Given the overwhelming role of the U.S. in shaping global world paradigms, the relationship between Eastern Europe and the U.S. gives a measure of the projection of Eastern European identity on the world stage.
The organisers welcome papers addressing shifts and continuities in Eastern European cultural identity in fields as diverse as literature, history, sociology, education, visual arts, film, popular culture, mass-media, economics, investigated from transatlantic viewpoints, using comparative perspectives and approaching the issues with inter-disciplinary methodologies.
Papers may refer to, but are not limited to, the themes below:
- Eastern European histories and U.S. perspectives
- The Eastern European 'genre' in U.S. texts
- Cultural markets and global models in Eastern Europe
- Strategies and public policies in view of E.U. accession: European versus American models
- Eastern European diasporas in the U.S.
- Media of communication: Eastern Europe in the global world
- Exporting and marketing Eastern Europe
- Literary models on the rise and on the wane
- Educational reform and global models
- U.S. foreign policy and Eastern Europe
A selection of papers will be published in the workshop proceedings.
Please submit 150-word proposals for 20 minute papers by April 30th 2010 to the following address:
easterneuropeanspace [at]

*The workshop is part of the research project entitled The Romanian Cultural Space in Transatlantic Perspective: From Postcommunism to Post-accession supported by UEFISCSU (PNII ID1000/2007).