Edited Collection – New York School Collaborations

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Mark Silverberg/ Cape Breton University
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It has been frequently noted that New York School poetry is not only full of references to painting, music, dance, film, and theater, but that the poets of the first and subsequent generations regularly worked with artists in other fields to create unique collaborative texts. Ranging from theater projects to visual poetry, from films to musical scores, and including work in other hybrid genres, the New York School has explored the possibilities of collaboration like no other group of American poets. The present volume seeks essays on an array of New York School collaborative texts and contexts. While close readings of particular collaborative projects are welcomed, this collection also invites papers that consider the theoretical, social, and aesthetic dimensions of collaboration in general. What kinds of experiences can collaborative poetry offer that are significantly different from those offered by single-authored works? How does collaborative writing alter our sense of authorship? How are collaborative dialogues staged? How are sociality, friendship, and rivalry negotiated in these works? What unique demands do collaborative texts put on its readers/viewers?

Submit inquiries, expressions of interest, and abstracts (500 words) with short bios by July 1, 2010 or earlier. Drafts of completed articles should be sent on or before Oct 15, 2010, to mark_silverberg@cbu.ca
Editor Mark Silverberg is Associate Professor of American Literature at Cape Breton University and the author most recently of The New York School Poets and the Neo-Avant-Garde (Ashgate 2010).