Reading Transcendentalism after Cavell (ALA: 5/26-5/29/2011)

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The Thoreau Society
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A Session Sponsored by The Thoreau Society
American Literature Association--22nd Annual Conference, Boston, May 26-29, 2011
Kristen Case and Rochelle Johnson, Organizers

Reading Transcendentalism after Cavell: Anticipating the Fortieth Anniversary of The Senses of Walden (1972)

We invite proposals considering how Stanley Cavell's work remains relevant to scholarship of American Transcendentalism. In what ways does Cavell's work remain essential to our understandings of Thoreau, Emerson, or their contemporaries? How have the "senses" of Walden—and of Walden—changed, and how might they remain the same? Among other topics, presentations might consider the ways in which contemporary scholars of Transcendentalists and its legacy embrace, develop, diverge from, or otherwise complicate Cavell's significant contributions to studies of the period. Please send queries or one-page abstracts (for an 18-minute presentation) by January 1, 2011, to: This panel is sponsored by The Thoreau Society.