Subject to Change: Contemporary Indian Women's Writing

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Subject to Change

Subject to Change: Contemporary Indian Women's Writing.

The efflorescence of Indian women's writing in the 1990's and the early years of the
twenty- first century can be attributed to several factors: the increasing taste in western
markets for the exoticism of the 'fabled East', the winning of the Booker prize by
Arundhati Roy and Kiran Desai, the rise of the New Indian woman and her consequent
desire for self expression, and the growing market for English language fiction in India.
While contemporary Indian women's fiction foregrounds female subjectivity and its
construction, it does not ignore the social, political and economic factors that help to
shape such formations. Indian women in the 1990's and early twenty- first century have
had to negotiate between the tensions arising out of the impact of economic liberalization
and the ensuing demands of modern life and traditional conceptions of womanhood.
There has arisen an often heated, yet essential debate about women's economic, cultural
and social marginalization and the impact of this upon gender, family and community

The proposed anthology seeks to focus on Indian women's fiction in the 1990's and the
early years of the twentieth- first century as revealing the true state of Indian society and
the position of women therein. Papers are invited on any of the following areas:
• Impact of market forces on the cultural production by women.
• Intersections between family, nation and the female subject.
• Fantasy and surrealism in contemporary writing and popular fiction.
• Representations of regional identities eg. Anita Nair, Kavery Nambisan, Anjum
Hasan etc.
• Diasporic writings focusing on immigrant dilemmas.
• Reinterpretations of mythic stereotypes.
• Analyses of family and the caste system as strategic nodes of social organization.

Papers must be 5000 to 8000 words and follow the MLA Seventh edition citation
style. Please send a 200 word abstract to by December
15th 2010.The deadline for submission of full length papers is 31st January 2011.
Submissions must include name and affiliation of the author on a separate sheet and
not the title page.