1st Global Conference on Evil and the Nature of the Beast

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Global Research Studies

Call for Papers!
1st Global Conference on Evil and the Nature of the Beast


September 12-14, 2011 – Washington Univ. – Charles F. Knight Center – St. Louis, MO

Abstract Deadline: March 31, 2011

"A resolution to avoid an evil is seldom framed till the evil is so far advanced as to make avoidance impossible."
THOMAS HARDY, Far from the Madding Crowd

Evil is a large part of our existence. The question of its nature remains heavy on the minds of researchers around the globe. Evil is practically unavoidable in the media, in political systems, in the streets, and even in our schools. From the Congo to the mean streets of Compton, and all places in between, evil resides in every corner of the world.

This is the beginning session of a closer look at evil, one which promises to grow and divide into more specific areas of study in the future. Global Research Studies cordially invites you to submit your 200-400 word abstract based upon the following areas of study:
· Political Evil - Evil found within political systems, specific countries/areas, evil leaders
· Theories on Evil – Causes and effects, specific studies of physical evidence of the nature of evil, psychological studies
· Evil within the Law - Corruption in the public works realm, evils within prisons, organized crime and evil
· Creeps, Rascals, and Scoundrels - Famous Evil people and their crimes
· Evil within World Religions – Beliefs and contexts
· Fear of Evil - Creating fear, confronting evil, treating trauma after evil.
· Evil Literature - From historical works to modern literature, comic book evil and villains
· Evil in the Media - Evil in the news and newspapers, social networking evil, promoting evil
· Evil in Music and Film - A look at the creation of evil, age related studies pertaining to viewing evil films, public views of heavy metal music and evil
· Evil Creatures - Monsters and Myths, legends of evil
· Evil in Our Schools - Bullying and other forms of evil in children and teachers, or those in a position of authority
· Evil Beliefs - Beliefs among world cultures concerning evil spirits, predictions of evil times to come, visions of evil.
· Evil People - Studies in the fascination with evil and those that commit evil acts.
Please use these areas to form your abstract; however, any abstract relating to the subject of evil will be considered.

Your abstract should be created as a .doc or .rtf file, Times New Roman, 10 pt. font. Please include 8-15 key words. Forward your 200-400 word abstract to notb2011@globalresearchstudies.com. All abstracts will be reviewed and acceptance / rejection (uncommon) will follow within 7 days. If you do not hear from us within 7 days of sending your abstract, please contact us via the same email address as shown above.

Please forward this Call for Papers to others you believe may be interested. Thank you.

Conference Fees: $365 USD. Make no payment now. You will receive an invoice after submitting a booking form. Please wait for your acceptance before completing a booking form. Please read the cancellation policy thoroughly.

Steps to Conference Attendance:
1. Submit an abstract before the deadline
2. Once your acceptance letter is received, use the booking form page on our website to book your conference attendance.
3. Pay your invoice within 15 days of receipt.
4. Submit your draft paper before the deadline.
5. Submit your final draft before the deadline.
6. Attend the conference.
7. Prepare additional materials if requested for the resulting publications.

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