Akdeniz Language Studies Conference May 9-12 2012 Antalya, Turkey

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Akdeniz University School of Foreign Languages
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The conference focuses on "languages and all." There are seven major thematic sessions in the conference that are as follows:

1. Standardization/ quality assurance: "Is your B1 my B1?"
2. In- Service / Professional development at universities
3. Erasmus Programme and teaching Turkish and other languages as foreign languages
4. Multimedia language teaching and language labs in the 21st Century
5. Bologna Process and e-learning as a manageable alternative to traditional teaching and learning
6. Administrative problems of Schools of Foreign Languages
7. CEF

Papers and posters can be presented on any of the following topics as long as they are related to the conference's overarching theme which is:

languages and...

• foreign language teaching
• coursebooks and instructional materials
• physical sciences
• social sciences
• psychology
• literatures
• linguistics
• translation
• multi/ interculturalism and globalization
• sports and recreation
• fine arts and music
• social sciences
• science education
• innovation and creativity
• life long learning
• educational sciences
- pre-school education
- primary school education
- secondary school education
- university education
- vocational education
- distance education
- special education
- administration
- curriculum / planning
- measurement and evaluation
• all other subject matters/fields of study

Language of the Conference
Oral and poster presentations can be completed in English, French, German, and Turkish. However, Procedia papers can only be written in English.