Call for Papers for volume 5, n° 2(10)/ 2012 ESSACHESS – Journal for Communication Studies , Communication and/of memory

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ESSACHESS – Journal for Communication Studies

Communication and/of memory

Yves CHEVALIER (University of Bretagne Sud, France) and Lucian-Zeev HERSCOVICI (National Library of Israel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Communication and/of memory are explosive, complex and challenging topics in the contemporary research in communication and memory studies. Over the years, research involving communication and/of memory has concentrated on the examination of a variety of interconnected aspects of the mediation of memory through different academic approaches.
Starting of these approaches and the current research heritage related to the communication and/of memory this thematical issue seeks to offer an interdisciplinary and international perspective on how to connect communication and memory through the following topics:

– memory as a basic category for social science research;
– collective or social memory trends;
– communicative memory as generational memory;
– the role of media for cultural memory;
– narrative and memory;
– digitization of memory;
– metaphors for memory;
– memory devices in the technologized society;
– the impact of digitization and social media on memory;
– cultural memories of communism and Holocaust through analyzing documents, museums, films, archives, oral testimonies, documentaries, etc.;
– communication of memory: digital documentation research;
– communication of memory : preservation of cultural heritage.

All scholars and researchers with an interest in these subjects are invited to submit papers. Their contributions can be in the form of:
– theoretical studies or articles adding new insights to the debate in the literature;
– original empirical research including case studies.

Important Deadlines

– April 15, 2012: submission of the proposition of article in the form of a summary of 400-500 words;
– May 15, 2012: acceptance of the proposal;
– September 15, 2012: full paper submission;
– November 15, 2012: full paper acceptance.

Papers should be between 6,000-10,000 words in length. Papers can be submitted in English or French. The abstracts should be in English and French, max. 200-250 words followed by 5 keywords. Please provide the full names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses of all authors, indicating the contact author. Papers, and any queries, should be sent to:

Authors of the accepted papers will be notified by e-mail. The journal will be published in December 2012.