AWP 2013 - Boston - Poetry CFP

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Ruben Quesada
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Seeking presentation proposals for the annual AWP conference in Boston, Massachusetts, March 6-9, 2013.

I seek panelists interested in presenting on "The End of Postmodernism in the Digital Age" as a central topic of discussion.

In reaction to Modern poetry's objective reality the postmodern movement championed the subjective voice. Exemplified by poets like Allen Ginsberg, Robert Hayden, Sylvia Plath, and Adrienne Rich, these poets opened the door for what was anachronistically a multicultural perspective. Though, poetry has evolved into what it originally intended to react against with a distinctive subjective trait now dominating the poetic experience. The splintering of the subjective voice in the Digital Age of late-twentieth century poetry now reflects the abundant populace of global identities, but it fails to present an objective reality of the contemporary human condition. The subjective voice marginalizes the ordinary, quotidian human experience that flourishes between life and death.

Muriel Rukeyser calls "the truth of the poem which is also the truth of the poet and the reader, and emotional and imaginative truth...It is reflective your lives." The poet must remember that she/he is one among billions on this planet and therefore must embody this global sensibility when presenting their view of humanity.

I welcome abstracts from convergent and divergent perspectives. I must receive your abstract no later than February 20, 2012, for consideration.