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Commonwealth cultural studies group

The Commonwealth Cultural Studies Group welcomes submissions of abstracts and chapters on the above theme.
We welcome papers that examine the negotiation between migration, culture and Transnational identities in Commonwealth Literature. Papers may investigate and analyse travel literature, literature of the black diaspora and manifestations of culture in diasporic writings as well as identities.
Consequently, we encourage papers that interrogate critical transformations that Africans, Caribbeans, Asians etc undergo in the diaspora. How do they raise questions significant to present day realities?
The question is how does the subaltern negotiate his/her identity? What is the dichotomy between the white/black, white/Asian, white/Caribbean, insider/outsider,self/other, Orient/Occident? By re-inscribing themselves in the metropolis/motherland dichotomy, they undergo cultural transformations and become hybrids such as Black British, British Africans, British Asians, British Caribbeans, African Americans, Caribbean Americans, and Asian Canadians, Caribbean Canadians etc. These cultural ensemble according to Avtar Brah are "cross cutting rather than mutually exclusive configurations". (p. 632). How do these cultural formations decenter received notions of Britishness, Africanness, Americanness, Asianness, canadianess, etc? How do they interrelate with one another? Are they minority identities? In the new locations what do individuals call "home"? When new identities are assumed can they still be referred to as subaltern? How has migration – has migration collapsed or erected walls between ethnicities, races, cultures, nationalities, religions etc? With the current shift and fluidity in identities, locations and cultures is it possible to talk about the "postcolonial"?
The sub themes could include, but are not limited to:
- Theoretical considerations
- Migration
- Acculturation
- Black Atlantic
- Contested identities
- Language identity
- Politics of Culture
- Culture and ethnicity
- Culture and identity
- Culture and transnational identities
- Creolization/metissage
- Religious culture
- Diasporic African identities
- Ethnic identity
- Multiplex identity
- Refugees/returnees
- New Ethnicities/identities
- Identity conflicts
- Multiculturalism
- Nationalities and transnationalities
- Hybridity
- Race consciousness
- Postcolonial/commonwealth
- Gendered identity

Abstracts of between 300 – 400 words should be sent in latest 30th March 2012 to:
• Sarah Anyang Agbor agborsarah@yahoo.com,
• Blossom N. Fondo foreverblossom@gmail.com
• Adamu Pangmeshi pangmeshi@gmail.com
They should include author's name, institutional affiliation, email address, telephone numbers and a short CV.
Editor: Edward O. Ako.

Those whose abstracts are accepted will be notified by 15th April 2012. Final papers are due 15th June 2012. Papers should conform to the MLA style sheet.