Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk: The Clashing of Ideals and Realities in American Parenthood - PAMLA 2012 (October 19-21, Seattle)

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Michelle Stonis / Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association

The United States has a storied past in which ideals of "proper" parenting have been disseminated through popular culture. This panel seeks to explore the ways in which the clash between the ideals and realities surrounding parenting has affected individuals while reflecting broader historical and cultural trends over time.

Scholars and graduate students in relevant disciplines including but not limited to History; English; Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies; and Cultural Studies are encouraged to submit. Possible papers for this approved special session are not limited to:

• Advice - Doctors (Spock, Sears, Laura, Phil); Parenting Literature

• Choices – Natural Birthing; Circumcision; Surrogacy; Adoption; Foster Care

• Class / Ethnicity / Race Issues

• Education – Homeschooling; Boarding, Public, and Private

• Fashion – Designer Baby Gear; Child Pageants

• Food – Wet Nursing; Formula/Breastfeeding; Organic; Veganism

• Gender – LGBTQ Children and Parents; "Proper" Gender Roles

• Parenting Styles – "Tiger Mom"; Helicopter; Stay-at-Home

• And anything else you are working on.

Submit 500 word abstract and brief bio to michelle.stonis [at]

Deadline to submit: March 31, 2012 to the PAMLA Online Proposal System at

Presenters must join PAMLA for 2012 by May 1, 2012, and submit conference fees by September 15, 2012.