Panel on Queer Modernism/Modernism Queered for MSA14:"Modernism and Spectacle"

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Modernist Studies Association

CFP for Panel on Queer Modernism/Modernism Queered: This panel is based on last year's cancelled seminar, "Rethinking Modernism and Sexuality."

Originally the seminar considered the history of scholarly discussions about sexuality in modernist studies and explore new directions for study. In the introduction to the Cluster on Queer Modernism in the May 2009 PMLA, Heather Love observed: 'Of all the forms of marginal modernism that have surfaced in the past couple of decades, queer modernism seems particularly likely to merge into modernism proper.' Has modernism become queer? If so, how did this happen and what does the future hold for the study of sexuality in literary modernism? How have feminist and queer theory contributed to our understanding of modernist literature? And how will the transnational turn in modernist studies extend and complicate our understanding of sexuality in literary modernism?

To add more to this discussion, I refer to Eliza Glick's Materializing Queer Desire: "What is the relationship between homosexuality, culture modernism, and modernity? How does the queer subject come to occupy such a central and, in many respects, contradictory place in the modern world?" (1).

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