[UPDATE] CFP: At the Round Table (food writing)

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Dr. Adrienne P. Lamberti / University of Northern Iowa

Among scholarly, trade, and popular texts, food has been addressed as (among other frames) a luxurious preoccupation, a class marker, and an overdue opportunity to give attention to a key cultural artifact.

Regardless of the approach taken, the presence of food as a topic if not an heuristic notably has increased. Scholars use food as a lens whereby, e.g., issues of agricultural production (Winslow, 2011) and social exclusivity (McCord, 2011) are examined. Trade publications address acts of food preparation as craft, art, and profession. Popular texts capitalize on food as both a consumer product and a marketing technique. Indeed, scans of current scholarly, trade and popular writing communities reveal a swell of publications and CFP announcements whereby authors are asked to look at food and food-related issues politically, globally, socially. The rapidity with which this body of work recently has grown is notable.

Writers are invited to submit 500-word essay proposals to At the Round Table, a peer-reviewed collection where authors consider their/an earlier work(s) in food writing. Proposed essays will explore and situate the earlier work(s) in terms of how food writing at this point can be considered a significant scholarly phenomenon, insofar as food has generated meaningful acts of inquiry and composition. The aim is not to discuss food as it appears in writing, but instead to analyze the intellectual fingerprint left on the disciplines by virtue of a piece of _food writing_. To wit, essays will feature a purpose resembling, for instance, that of an author's Forward in a publication's anniversary edition--an engaging expression that reflects upon an existing piece(s).

While gustatory essays offer unique and important perspectives, At the Round Table is intended as a critical collection. A successful proposal will describe an essay that, although it may be celebratory, will not fetishize.

At the Round Table will be published rapidly in book form. Submit proposals by March 13, 2012 to At the Round Table editor A. P. Lamberti at round.table.food.writing@gmail.com