Call for Submissions: Logo Contest for SWTX PCA/ACA (06/15/12)

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Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Association
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Call for Submissions:
Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Association
Logo Contest

$500 Prize

The Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association (SW/TX PCA/ACA) seeks submissions for a new graphic logo and banner to represent the Association. Founded in 1979, the SW/TX PCA/ACA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the academic study of popular culture, and the Association's annual meeting is regularly one of the largest academic conferences for popular culture studies in the world. We seek a new graphic identity that represents our Association's profile as a leader in popular culture studies.

Suggested Guidelines for Content Submissions:
• Logo and banner designs should use color, but stronger logo designs will also be able to be printed in one color without substantial loss of impact. Please note: we are currently redesigning our website, so entries are not limited by the current website's or logo's color scheme. Visual design elements of the new site will incorporate or complement the colors of the Association's new logo/banner.
• Designs should reflect the mission and history of SW/TX PCA/ACA. We are both a serious academic organization and one that enjoys our professional pursuits. You may find out more about the Association, academic subject areas regularly discussed, and our current logo and graphic identity at:
• Designs may incorporate our web address "" or be such that the address could be easily and simply added.
• Designs need not spell out all words of the Association's name, although they may. Preferred abbreviations include "SW/TX" and "PCA/ACA".

How to Enter the Contest:
To enter the contest, email the following to
1) Your entry of a logo design and accompanying banner design as a vector-based PDF file, with your last name in the PDF file name (the winner will submit more traditional graphic file formats at a later date).
2) the contest entry form, avaialble on the SW/TX PCA/ACA website, (scanned copies are fine, although you must sign and date the entry form prior to scanning), again with your last name in the file name.

Entries are due June 15, 2012 by 11:59pm Pacific Standard time. You may submit multiple entries if you wish. Contest is open to anyone, regardless of academic affiliation, rank, or past or current relationship with the SW/TX PCA/ACA.

For Questions, contact:
Tamy Burnett, PhD
Public Relations Coordinator