Dante in the Nineteenth Century - 6-8 September 2012

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Instiute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London

This conference aims to bring together literary critics, historians, and art historians with scholars from similar disciplines specializing in the nineteenth century. To give focus to what might otherwise be an unwieldy spread, we intend to centre our theme on Florence – for many Victorians the epitome of Italian culture and tradition – both through the eyes of the historians and critics who interpreted it, and also through the eyes of the Anglo-American community that lived there (most notably the Brownings and their circle) and did so much to spread the cult of Dante. we also welcome papers on Blake, Pre-Raphaelites, or even later novelists, such as Mrs Humphry Ward. We also hope to hear papers on Dante's political theory and social ethics.
The reason we are placing this conference in London rather than Florence itself, is that (as the above paragraphs indicate) we wish to centre it on the nineteenth century re-discovery of Dante, and consequently of Florence, in the English speaking world.

Please send abstracts for consideration to above Professors Ciugureanu and Erskine-Hill by the deadline of MAY 15, 2012