[sic] – a Journal of Literature, Culture and Literary Translation - 5th Call for Papers: Art and Subversion

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[sic] – a Journal of Literature, Culture and Literary Translation
University of Zadar

5th Call for Papers: Art and Subversion

When discussing art, regardless of its form, expression, context, genre or any other classifying or defining feature, one of the key issues that constantly emerges as a thing of relevance is its connection to real life, its meaning to our everyday existence, together with its impact on historical, current, and sometimes even future social and cultural aspects of our lives. Within this context the idea of subversion comes to art almost naturally. By constantly reinventing itself, by expanding various social boundaries, which are in fact self-imposed limitations, art (un)successfully subverts everything that stands in its path, creating different approaches to established routines and perceptions, or even completely breaking down all of the traditional notions surrounding a particular segment or phenomena present in society.

With this in mind the fifth issue of [sic] – a Journal of Literature, Culture and Literary Translation would like to focus on the articulation of subversion through art by exploring different ways in which various artistic forms, ranging from literature, film, theatre, the fine arts, etc., challenge and possibly overthrow preconceived notions. Additionally, this issue would also like to explore the relation between subversion and the cacophony of postmodern discourses, in the attempt of locating and understanding the position of the subversive act within contemporary society and culture, together with the possible comparative analysis of historical and current artistic transgressions, contributing in such a way to the understanding of this perpetuating phenomenon.

We accept papers that approach the abovementioned theme from different disciplines such as literary theory, culture studies, literary translation theory, linguistics, anthropology, history, sociology, etc.

Besides publishing articles, papers and other academic writing on the current theme of Art and Subversion, [sic] puts special emphasis on literary translation as a form of communication among cultures and sees translation as a kind of creative activity similar to that of creative writing. In that vein, we are looking to publish papers and writings on literary translation covering a wide range of issues from authorship in translation, ethics in translation, issues of fidelity and lack of it, cultural translation, translation from peripheral or less-commonly taught languages, etc. to specific problems and translation issues that appear in particular translation projects. Besides academic papers dealing with the above-mentioned topics, we are also looking to publish translations (short fiction, excerpts from novels and plays, poetry, essays, non-fiction, experimental translations from all languages into Croatian and English) that would be accompanied by introductory essays dealing with specific problems that came up in the process of translation and that can be observed and analyzed from the perspective of literary translation.
Abstracts should be sent to the journal's email address by July 1st, 2012, while we should receive finished articles no later than September 1st, 2012. The abstracts should not exceed one page in length.
Submissions should be e-mailed as attachments to contact@sic-journal.org or sent via post to [sic] – a Journal of Literature, Culture and Literary Translation, University of Zadar, 23000 Zadar. Please include the following with your submissions:
• Author's name, address and e-mail address, affiliation, short biography
• Manuscript prepared according to MLA standards
• Bibliography listed according to MLA standards
• Appendices (illustrations, figures, graphs, etc.) at the end of the document with exact position of each of the appendices marked in the text
• Original author's and translator's short biography (works in translation only)
• Original text (works in translation only)
• Permission for online publication (works in translation only)
Preferred length of the submission (with bibliography and appendix) is between 15 and 20 pages (1 page = 1,800 characters with spaces). All submissions must be computer typed and saved in .doc or .rtf formats (Times New Roman, letter size 12 points, double spaced, paginated) and edited according to MLA standards of citing references and bibliography.
Submissions that do not comply with the guidelines will not be considered for publication. We consider only previously unpublished works and do not accept simultaneous submissions.
Submitted academic papers and articles undergo peer review by an international board of reviewers and are published in Croatian or English. Authors will be informed of acceptance, rejection, or need for revision within 60 days of submission. Papers sent back to authors for revision must be returned within the time specified or the manuscript will be retired from further consideration.
Submissions are subject to editing and styling that complies with the journal's standards. Submitted manuscripts are not returned to authors.
Anticipated publication date: October 15th, 2012