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Grupo de Investigación Teoría y Retórica de la Ficción Universidad Complutense de Madrid

SESIÓN NO NUMERADA REVIEW of humanities and fiction audioviosual (ISSN 2173-5123) is a scientific journal that publishes original and unpublished quality whose subject is registered in the magazine's editorial line: studies linking movies and series TV with any of the humanities (literature, philosophy, history ...). It also publishes original translations of relevant articles, book reviews of interest to the field of audiovisual fiction and movie reviews, both published references or released in the year prior to the publication of each issue.
The periodicity of the review is annual, published the number for the current year in January. The publication languages are spanish and English.

Today the term is open for submission of articles for the third issue of the journal, which will feature a special issue dedicated to the television series of the decade 2000-2010 in addition to a section in which various items enter addressing issues other than those of the special issue. All contributions will be due by October 30 by e-mail to