UNC Asheville 2013 Queer Conference Nov. 22 2012; April 4-6 2013

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University of North Carolina Asheville Queer Conference
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Queering Spaces/Queering Borders
2013 Queer Studies Conference at UNC Asheville
April 4 - 6, 2013, Asheville, NC
The UNC Asheville Queer Studies Conference, a biennial event established in 1998, attracts an international audience of activists, academics, and artists who showcase a range of creative and scholarly pursuits related to the investigation of genders and sexualities. All GLBTQ-related proposals will be considered. We invite a diverse representation of approaches and participants, including faculty, graduate, community members and undergraduate students. All formats will be considered, including paper presentations (15 minutes), panels (60 to 75 minutes), workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, and performances. Paper presentations will be organized into groups of 3 to 4.
Elaborations on the theme Queering Spaces/Queering Borders might include:

* borders: legal, cultural, faith-based, social barriers and opportunities for queer bodies/voices
* queer discussions of race, disability, ethnicity, class
* crossroads and borderlands: queering immigration/emigration
* queer rights and voices in the classroom, health care, behavioral health, military, and workplaces
* queering gender borders, identities, spaces
* queer bodies: living in, caring for marked bodies
* transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or intersexed action or voices
* queer activism: means and/or outcomes
* investigations of shame, privilege, home, space, reclamation
* queer youth/older adults: lived experience and activism
* queer representations, expressions and cultures in art, literature, craft, and performance
Panel proposals, paper abstracts, and proposals for art exhibitions, workshops, film screenings and performances are due as a PDF or .Doc file attachment no later than Monday, November 12, 2012.
Please email individual paper abstracts (up to 500 words), panel and workshop proposals (up to 700 words) and other proposals (up to 1000 words when appropriate include images, samples, or clips). All proposals should include a title for the presentation, panel or performance, type of format preferred, length of time preferred, audio/visual and accessibility needs as well as full names, email addresses and affiliations of all the authors.

Send your completed abstract/proposal and form to: qsconf@unca.edu.

Registration: Registration will open in late October. To register, please visit wgss.unca.edu/queerconference. All speakers must register for the conference. Early Registration (due February 25, 2013) is $75 for faculty, $65 for graduate students, and $45 for undergraduate students (includes breakfasts and lunches). Full Registration (after February 25th and on site at the conference) is $85 for faculty, $75 for graduate students, and $55 for undergraduate students (includes breakfasts and lunches). Daily community passes (for sessions and speakers only) will be available at the conference ($20); the fee to attend only a keynote address will be $10.
Keynote Presenters
Adela C. Licona (author, activist, teacher, theorist): more about Adela, http://www.u.arizona.edu/~aclicona/
José E. Muñoz (author, performer, teacher, theorist): more about José, http://admin.tisch.nyu.edu/object/MunozJ.html
Laurie Weeks (performer, author: Zippermouth): more about Laurie, http://www.feministpress.org/books/laurie-weeks

For additional information, visit our website: wgss.unca.edu/queerconference (coming soon) or address questions to Lori Horvitz, lhorvitz@unca.edu (828-251-6590) or Amy Lanou, alanou@unca.edu (828-250-2317).