Call for Papers - So Multiples ≠06 - Multiples, multiplication and multicultural; digital at work 2013 - D/line January 31, 2013

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Multiples, multiplication and multicultural; digital at work 2013

A number of papers, lectures, scientific projects and fieldworks in France and abroad concern the issue of the multiple. The purpose of So Mutiples is to reveal both the present place of the multiple and other multiples, located halfway between art and "massification", and the willingness of artists to push the limits of the scope of their aesthetic services to areas and external fields of art, and of where exchanges imply some interdisciplinarity. It is in this spirit that we have begun to address the issue of access to these multiplied works in the field of digital art and their relationship to published works which are more traditionnal, especially in the twenty-first century. For instance, we may cite the electronic artists' editions in the form of DVD, CD-Rom, USB drive, or the artworks downloaded through multimedia installations or websites (animations for PAD, screensavers, etc.). Noting the opening of the published work on various media, spaces and economies, we will seek, in this coming issue of So Multiples, to understand why, how and with what means these digital works can support a process of multiplication while they move away from a hardware mode yet still combining with multiples and other traditional and cultural multiples. How to finally define elements using various means of reproduction, designed under the authority of one (or more) artist(s) within an expanded device, sometimes multidisciplinary and sometimes even immaterial ?

Articles of between 20 000-30 000 characters including spaces, accompanied by the title of the paper, a summary (1000 characters including spaces) and a short presentation of the author (a complete postal address and e-mail and a brief curriculum vitae) should be submitted before January 31rst, 2013 by email, to :
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The sixth issue of the journal will be published in Spring 2013. It will be directed by Isabelle Rieusset-Lemarié,
HDR Lecturer at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Norbert Hillaire, Full Professor at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. Each issue will now be under the co-editorship of eminent scientists invited for the occasion. A permanent international scientific committee has also been set up : The editorial lines will always relate to artists' editions but more explicitly open to digital art and issues of reproducibility and multiplicity
in this area.