CFP-edited book on Marxism and Urban Culture

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Benjamin Fraser
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CFP-edited book on Marxism and Urban Culture

Submissions are invited for an edited book on Marxism and Urban Culture that has received initial interest from an international publisher known for their strength in Marxian-themed series and titles.

While all abstracts using a Marxian framework to approach culture in urban contexts are welcome, it is anticipated that submissions will conform to one of two subtypes reflecting the division of the book into two parts:

Articles that explore the work of a specific Marxian thinker, stressing his/her importance for understanding urban culture/the culture of cities in a general sense. (Walter Benjamin; Henri Lefebvre; Antonio Gramsci…)

Articles that use a Marxian approach (one or more thinkers) to explore urban culture/cultural production in the context of a specific city (visual art in Baltimore; comic art and Berlin; films on Parisian culture…).

Articles that straddle these two subtypes are welcome, as are articles that bridge Marxian thinking with other frameworks (Feminist thought, Queer Studies, Disability Studies…) and articles that focus on underrepresented urban areas (China, Africa, Middle-East, Eastern Europe, Latin America…) or understudied forms of urban cultural production.

Decisions will be made, in part, based on overall quality of potential submission, relation to Marxian traditions, diversity of approach/framework and overall geographic coverage.

Abstracts and CV are due to by 20 Dec. 2012

If requested, full articles will be due to by 20 Oct 2013

For more information please contact Benjamin Fraser at the College of Charleston