Crossing Boundaries, Revealing Connections: Experiments in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Culture Club: The Cultural Studies Scholars Association of Bowling Green State University Presents the 8th Annual Battleground States Conference

February 22nd – 24th 2013
Culture is mercurial and fluid. Thus research must create, but also dispute yet engage, a
transformational and reflective understanding of our subjects. The examination of
knowledge and epistemologies from varying perspectives reveals the interconnections of
vastly varying subjects. But to find these connections we first need to explore and
This year's Battleground States Conferences invites participants to facilitate creative,
experimental, and exploratory standpoints that expand their own area of knowledge from
unique and multifarious perspectives. In the nature of Interdisciplinary Studies, we seek
to cross and analyze intellectual boundaries from multiple perspectives and synthesize
diverging epistemologies. We encourage participants to take risks and embrace the
Topics of interest include the following, but we also welcome innovative and thoughtful
presentations that this list does not encapsulate:
Experimental pedagogical method
Performance as presentation
Interdisciplinary and social histories as lenses to the past and a maps to the
Art, music, and documentary as scholarship
Holistic Science
Examinations of the barriers and/or facilitators in Interdisciplinary Studies
Studies in team researching, presenting, performing, or teaching
Complicating interdisciplinary research methods
Social media as teaching models/presentation tactics
Cultural theory in conjunction with social activism
The intersection of science and religion
Nuances of Cultural Studies
Pushing the boundaries of academia and publishing
Media modalities, technologies, and informational frameworks
Rethinking educational administrations
Economic geographies and industrial expansion
Integrating and connecting the knowledges of:
o American Studies, Popular Culture, Film/Cinema Studies, Race Studies,
Ethnic Studies, Women's Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies,
Environmental Policy and Planning, Social Media Studies, Political
Science, Literature, Graphic Arts, Musicology, Labor Studies, Activism,
Educational Reform, Legal and Justice Studies etc.
We also encourage participants to present on topics and areas of research they have yet to
fully develop or have always desired to present. More so we endorse unconventional
forms of presentation that move beyond the standard paper reading (although paper
presentations will be accepted). This conference will open dialogues and modes of
thinking that truly traverse and test the boundaries of intellectual work. The purpose of
this conference is to develop new knowledge and to do so, we ask scholars to embrace
epistemological innovation.
Abstracts of 300 words should be sent to and must be
submitted no later than January 8th 2013. Submissions should include media equipment
requests and any special presentation requests. Panel, performance, and artistic display
proposals are welcome and should include a 300-word abstract and contact information
for all participants.
Please visit our social media sites for information about The Culture Club and
Battleground States:
Twitter: @cultureclubatbg