An Eco-friendly Turn for Supply Chain Management

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Abhishek Thakur

With automotive companies looking at sustainable transportation, supply chain management companies are also looking at following suit.

Ford Motors is taking positive steps to ensure the health and safety of its customers and the environment. The company has teamed up with Weyerhaeuser to develop a range of electrified vehicles to promote sustainable transportation.

Ford and Weyerhaeuser have found that biomaterials can be used for not only exterior, but also interior and under the hood components as well. The companies are working on creating a new type of plastic composites that can replace traditional materials such as fibreglass and minerals.

For the successful completion of this project, it is important that the companies have the right component sourcing partner. The company should offer the best component materials and affordable supply chain solutions. TACOSCM is one of the premier supply chain management companies in India. We provide an array of components and assemblies under various product groups to global customers.

We cater to the requirements of our customers in countries around the world, including the Europe, the United States, & South East Asia. Among our varied services, we offer sourcing, supplier quality, logistics, and packaging services to our customers.

TACOSCM employs knowledgeable and experienced professionals from the industry in component sourcing, supplier quality, logistics, and packaging. We provide up-to-date service in the processes of supplier evaluation, product feasibility, program management, and third party inspection.

To cater to the changing demands of the automotive industry, we offer the following quality related services:

Supplier Quality Audits: Our suppliers go through a strict quality audit process to ensure effective sourcing, quality products, and deliverables.

Supplier Quality Systems: Along with the audits, we also interact with our suppliers to find better ways to improve quality systems.

Advance Quality Planning: We adhere to APQP procedures when we conduct advance planning for our quality processes.

Compliance to PPAP requirements: All our processes related to planning, auditing, component sourcing, quality management, and product delivery, comply with the PPAP regulations.

Complaint Resolution: We pay close attention to consumer complaints to find better ways to improve our processes.

Supplier Training: We also take steps to provide training to our suppliers, so that they are in adherence to the highest levels of quality and excellence.

We at TACOSCM provide services in supply chain management in India to help you create automotive products that last a lifetime. Contact us to know more about our products and services.