'Alternative Modernisms' conference session: Women/Surrealism/Modernism

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'Alternative Modernisms' conference, Cardiff University, 16-18 May 2013
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This session, to be hosted by the 'Alternative Modernisms' conference (Cardiff University, 16-18 May 2013, http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/encap/modernisms/), will focus on the networks of connections linking women, surrealism, and modernism.

It will trace the relations, influences, intersections, and disjunctions that define, dynamise, and problematise our understandings of these networks. It will offer a forum for analysis of how women working in a variety of areas of cultural production have encountered, negotiated, or refused these connections. It will also encourage explorations of the problematic place of women working in the realm of surrealism within modernism and its canons.

Papers are welcome which address the following issues or any other aspects contributing to understandings of the relations between women, surrealism and modernism:

• Influences of surrealist ideas on women working in modernism
• Key works by women, and their surrealist / modernist features
• Reshapings and subversions of modernism by women working in the realm of surrealism
• Women, surrealism, and modernist canons
• Women, surrealism, and cultural industries
• Modernist themes and concerns within women surrealists' works
• Distances and differences between modernism and works by women surrealist
• Surrealist influences and legacies in subsequent women's cultural production
• New theoretical interpretations of the relations between women, surrealism, and modernism

Paper abstracts (maximum 300 words) and a short bio (maximum 100 words) should be submitted to Patricia Allmer (p.allmer@mmu.ac.uk) by 31 December 2012.