CFP: Special Issue on the Pictorial Tradition of Bengal (from ancient times to the present)

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Chitrolekha International Magazine on Art and Design

Chitrolekha International Magazine on Art and Design

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Bengal has a great pictorial tradition. Unfortunately however, any ancient evidence has not survived, perhaps mainly because of the medium used in those times and partly because of humid environment of the region. But one early medieval evidence has survived in copied forms—A??as?hasrik? Prajñ?p?ramit?, illustrations on palm leaves, which proves that Bengal had reached a high level of sophistication in painting during the Buddhist period. Evidence can also be found in Bengal's rich folk tradition of ground and wall decorations, and they indicate a peculiar mixture of art and ritual. After the British intervention in the country, we find the tradition once again entering wide spectrum of intense creativity. Mainly it started with European influence but slowly it absorbed its local traditions and moved much ahead and flourished in various schools and branches.

In the next issue of Chitrolekha we like to explore this tradition in order to approach it from holistic points of view and see it in relation to the larger history of Bengal. We also invite submission of art-works from artists of Bengal.

Topics may include on anything relating to the pictorial tradition of Bengal, both West Bengal and Bangladesh. For authors' convenience we are specifying certain areas (which are not exhaustive but rather suggestive):


Exploring ancient and medieval traditions of Bengali paintings, decorations etc.
· Pictorial art in A??as?hasrik? Prajñ?p?ramit?
· Pictorial art as found in literature and historical documents
· Pictorial Folk art of Bengal
· Patas and Patuas of Bengal
Kalighat paintings
Growth and rise of Bengali painting during the British period
Discussions on Great Masters of Bengali art
Experiments in Bengali art
Bengali art after the independence
Experimental art, installations etc.

Creative Works: Please submit 5 artworks in Jpeg only. Size: 1500 pixel on the longest side.

Contact: Please contact us at chitrolekhamagazine [AT] for any query. Read Submission Guidelines at

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2013.

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