Classroom Challenges: Enabling the Disabled When Our Own Hands are Tied

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The Atrium: A Journal of Academic Voices/ Ivy Tech Community College Northwest
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The Atrium seeks your own stories of current challenges with students who are themselves challenged by physical, mental, and economic disablements. Please submit innovative, creative, and critical narrative essays (both personal and classroom-based), as well as general articles and classroom best practices. We also publish limited fiction and poetry. Research articles must demonstrate clear follow-through into practice in the classroom. Limited book and website reviews and conference CFPs are also published.

The Atrium is not your run-of-the-mill academic journal! It is an engaging, unique, cross-disciplinary journal that seeks to engage readers with the challenges and successes of faculty across the US and around the world. We do not accept previously-published material. Please do not submit sections of your thesis, dissertation, or any coursework papers. Show our readers the practical application of your great research and creative ideas! Material published has dealt with broad issues that connect classroom to culture and to community. The Atrium invites and encourages academic discourse across the disciplines. Please limit your articles to 5,000 words. The Atrium is attracting an international following of academic readers, and we invite you to participate through the publication of your own best work.


To view our current and archived issues, to read the current submission guidelines, and to submit your work, please go to . Questions may be addressed to Nancy Riecken, Managing Editor of The Atrium, at