International Journal of Peace Education and Development

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Dr.Lokanath Mishra

International Journal of Peace Education and Development (IJPED)
About the Journal

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PEACE EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT (IJPED) which is an internationally refereed, peer reviewed and Index journal published in January, May, september by Dr.Lokanath Mishra
From the premises that both fields of peace, Education and development are deeply intertwined in their practical and theoretical inceptions, dynamics and outcomes. The Journal promotes discussion about various issues in Education, peace research, nonviolent social change, peace and environmental movements, sustainable development, human rights, self-determination, , conflict resolution, and peace education. This journal is dedicated to enhancing discourse on a wide range of theoretical issues in Education and peace research and improving our knowledge in the quest for global peace. In particular, it wishes to address strategies to deal with local, regional, or global problems. For this purpose, we promote the dialogue between peace research and policy making communities. International Journal of education for peace and Development is published thrice a year.
IJEPD offers a space for:
• Identifying and examining conceptual and practical linkages between the fields of Education peace building and development;
• Fostering the theory-practice dialogues on issues of Education , peace building and development;
• Evaluating peace Education and development policies and programmes and their negative and positive impacts;
• Generating critical awareness about strategies and alternatives, and sharing lessons and best practices on mutually supportive means to prevent conflict, sustain peace and build human development.

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Editorial Advisors
Prof.Ravindra Kumar
Padmashree awarded, President World Peace Movement Trust, Ex V.C CCS University Meerut
Prof.Tasneem Meenai
Director, Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution, & Dean, Students Welfare, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Prof.Anita Rastogi,
Professor and Head Department of Educational studies Jammia Millia Islamia ,New Delhi
Faculty of Education BHU, Varanasi
Ex V.C, Rajiv Gandhi central university Arunachal Pradesh
Prof.C.B.Sharma ,
Director DEP-SSA IGNOU, New Delhi
Faculty of Education AMU, New Delhi
Prof.Dipak Malik
Hon.Director Gandhian Institute of Studies (Trust),New Delhi

Prof.Osman Titrek
Faculty of Education Sakariya University Turkey
Prof.Gara Latchhna
Professor and Head Department of Education Andhra University, Viskhapatnam
Senior faculty Gandhian Institute of Studies (Trust), New Delhi
Dr.Muniza Khan
Senior Fellow Gandhian Institute of Studies (Trust), New Delhi
Editor –in –Chief
Dr.Lokanath Mishra

International Journal of Peace Education & Development (IJPED)

Editor-in –Chief: Dr.Lokanath Mishra



IJPED Guidelines for submissions

We look forward with interest to receiving your submission. Below are some formatting guidelines. Feel free to e-mail us if you need help.

Articles versus briefings: Articles address critical themes or case analyses and must be contextualized within the scholarly and policy literature and existing debates on peace education and development. Articles are 7,000 words at most, including endnotes and bibliographical references. Briefings are practice or policy reviews on current events and topical issues that do not exceed 2,500 words unless editors suggest otherwise. They do not
need to refer to the literature.

1) Format: All submissions to the Journal of Peace education & Development must be typed 1.5-spaced using Times New Roman, 12 pt, with a one inch margin. The article must be typed on word-processing software, preferably MS Word 7

2) Editorial style: (punctuation, capitalisation, etc.)
- Referencing: Please use the APA System of Referencing but use single quotation marks instead of double. Use parenthetical referencing in text (author date:, e.g. (Moyo 2000). For
bibliographical referencing, use the order: author, date, title, place, publisher. An example: Mishra, L. (2000,) Encyclopaedia of peace Education , APH,publisher ,New Delhi

The bibliographic references should be listed alphabetically and be consistent in style.
- Endnotes: Should be kept to a minimum – 10 at the most – and placed at the end of the article.
3) Pull-Quotes: Please bold up to 10 'stand alone' phrases, preferably full sentences which will be highlighted in the final publication as 'pullouts'. They should reflect your original contributions or simply make a telling point. Try to distribute them evenly throughout the text. Ideally they should link peace education and development and highlight key points in the logic and flow of the article. Pull Quotes are NOT needed for briefing submissions.

4) Title: Include a title for your submission of no more than 15 words.

5) Abstract: Include an abstract of no more than 150 words. Abstracts are NOT needed for briefing submissions.
6) Biography: Include a biography of no more than 50 words
7) Keywords: Please identify a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 10 keywords reflecting the theme of your submission.

8) Diagrams, figures, maps and other graphic material: should be placed at appropriate body of the manuscript.

9) Copyright of articles published in the Journal rests with IJPED