Lyric Theory in the 21st Century - PAMLA 2013 San Diego Special Session

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Ryan Sullivan, UC Riverside
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In the last decade, scholars have been increasingly critical of "lyric." Now, as well as Virginia Jackson and Yopie Prins's upcoming publication of The Lyric Theory Reader, we are in an important moment where the concept (genre, form, or mode, depending upon your critical positions) of the "lyric" is being contested, affirmed, and dismantled. At the same time, 21st-century modes of circulation (digital platforms and social media) and the democratization of authorship have complicated what we call the lyric. This panel invites papers exploring the implications, limits, and uses of lyric theory in the 21st century. Papers may include a wide range of time periods and approaches, while keeping in mind current discussions of the lyric.

Possible topics may explore "lyric" poetry in relation to: blogs and social media, online databases and archives, authorship in the 21st century, current modes of circulation, 21st century media or notions of the lyric in relation to to historical texts. Projects working on non-contemporary texts are very welcomed, so long as there is an eye toward modern notions of the lyric (or history of the lyric).

Please submit a 300-500 word proposal through the PAMLA Online Proposal system ( by May 12th. Feel free to direct any questions to Ryan Sullivan (