Reading Indigenous North American Literatures: New Voices in the Field

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Carrie Louise Sheffield / University of Tennessee Knoxville

Inspired by Simon Ortiz' "Towards a National Indian Literature: Cultural Authenticity in Nationalism" and Jace Weaver, Craig Womack, and Robert Allen Warrior's _American Indian Literary Nationalism_, this collection will be a site for emerging scholars and theorists (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous) in the fields of Native American and First Nations literatures to illustrate where they see their respective fields heading and construct perspectives outside of western ideologies. The goals of this collection include not only to provide a site for these emerging voices to be collectively heard, but also to offer an alternative to the dominance of western critical theory in the academy as a whole.
Article-length (20-30 double-spaced pages) submissions in the following areas are welcome:
•The state of Native American and/or First Nations theory/theories—present and future
•Commentary on important moments/critics from the past
•Application of theory to Native American and/or First Nations texts (literature, art,
music, pop-culture, etc.)
Please send submissions and queries to:
Carrie Louise Sheffield
All submissions must be submitted in .docx or .rtf format by 15 June 2013.