UPDATE masculine feminine unsteady definitions 20 September 2013

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Laboratoire Cultures Anglo-Saxonnes Université Toulouse 2 le Mirail, France

Call for Papers - Symposium: Masculine and Feminine: Unsteady definitions - September 20, 2013
University of Toulouse – II Le Mirail, France

This symposium is organized by the "Jeudi du Genre" group of the research team "Cultures Anglo-Saxonnes" (CAS EA 801). This research group's discussions have focused not only on showing how notions of "woman" and "man" were changing categories, but also how these processes of re-categorizations were casting one in the margins, meanwhile constructing the other as normative units. This symposium will pursue these discussions, specifically targeting the definitions of the "feminine" and the masculine", whether they originate from artists, scholars, visual and written media or anonymous agents. In their creative, artistic or intellectual processes and productions, how do the latter define and redefine these notions? How do they challenge their meanings or reinforce them? Through their (re)definitions, (how) do they reaffirm and unsettle hierarchies and notions of norms and margins? Papers will pay particular attention to the correlations between (re)defining, marginalizing, re/de/centering processes. Focusing exclusively on the English speaking world, topics may include (but not exclusively):
- history
- fashion studies;
- race;
- class
- sexual orientation
- images

Papers will last 30 minutes and will be given in English or French. Please send abstracts and a short biographical note to Hélène Charlery (helene.charlery@free.fr), Emeline Jouve (emeline_jouve@yahoo.co.uk) and Cristelle Maury (cristellemaury@numericable.fr) by April 30, 2013.