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Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) – Bamenda

The nature of contemporary/global problems necessitates solutions that integrate knowledge and methodologies from distinct disciplines. Interdisciplinary perspectives to the interpretation, teaching and study of literature and language create avenues for critics, teachers and students to synthesize more than one discipline, and enrich the overall educational experience. The pedagogy of traditional methodologies encourages concentration on only one discipline; but the dynamism in the availability and flow of information in the age of technology requires an eclectic approach. While proponents of interdisciplinarity argue that it expands understanding and achievement between all disciplines, critics argue that it leads to integration confusion.

This conference is interested in papers that integrate other disciplines in the analysis of literature and language. Proposals for 20 minutes presentations and 1-hour plenary sessions are welcomed. Abstracts MUST show how the paper will critically link or integrate insights/methodologies from two or more disciplines. Sub-themes include, but are not limited to:

Literature, Language and Environment
Literature, Language and Religion
Literature, Language and Human Rights
Literature, Language and Leadership
Literature, Language and Ethics
Literature, Language and Law
Literature, Language and Sociology
Literature, Language and Philosophy
Literature, Language and Politics
Literature, Language and Marketing
Literature, Language and Publishing
Literature, Language and Psychology
Literature, Language and Nationhood

Abstracts of 250 words in Ms Word format (Times New Roman, Font Size 12) should be submitted to: conference2013@cella-cameroon.org

Selected papers will be published in a Special Issue of the CELLA journal - JELLiC: Journal of English Language, Literature and Culture