"Glass, Capital, and Urban Narratives" Panel at the ACLA at New York University, March 2014 (abstracts due Nov. 15)

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Mavis Tseng, Rutgers University
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CFP: ACLA Seminar: The Poetics of Transparency / Translucency / Reflection: Glass, Capital, and Urban Narratives

Location: New York University
Time: March 20-23, 2014
Paper Submission Deadline: November 15, 2013
Contact: Mavis Tseng, maviszizek@gmail.com

About the Seminar

Since the mid nineteenth century, glass buildings have featured capitals such as London (The Crystal Palace) and Paris (the Arcades). Nowadays almost every capital is a "city of glass," with skyscrapers, shop windows in department stores, and ceiling-to-floor windows in high-end restaurants, etc. Glass alters the urban fabric, unsettles existing conceptions regarding domestic and public spaces, and redefines urban dwellers' identities, affects, and desires. Glass is also a rich source of metaphors that refract the complexities of modern urban life. As both a medium and barrier, glass facilitates our exploration of how a capital "reflects" itself on the relations between subjects and objects, urbanites and urban space, consumers and commodities, the visible and the invisible, representation and the represented. Glass also influences how certain narratives are structured in relation to reality, with mirrors and windows serving as mediums between perceivers and perceived objects. In literary and film studies, for example, glass is used as a privileged trope to reflexively examine the genres themselves, which are argued to function like a mirror or a window to the world it represents.

This panel aims to examine the multiple functions and representations of glass in art, films, and literature: as an object of critique, a literary or visual device, and a trope for examining urban genres themselves. Potential topics include: glass and urban modernity; transparency, translucency, opaqueness, visibility/invisibility, reflection, looking through/looking at, window display, window shopping, commodities, framing, screen, mirrors/windows as metaphors, materiality/immateriality of glass, cultures of glass in a digital age, etc.

Seminar Keywords
urban modernity, glass, windows, mirrors, display, window shopping, framing, commodities, skyscrapers, reflection, transparency, visibility/invisibility


If interested, Please submit your paper at www.acla.org, and select "The Poetics of Transparency / Translucency / Reflection: Glass, Capital, and Urban Narratives" in the Seminar drop box. The extended deadline for submissions is November 15. If you have any questions about this seminar, please feel free to e-mail me at maviszizek@gmail.com.