Trash Talkin': New Directions in Popular Culture and Creative Writing

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University of Regina, English Students' Association
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An interdisciplinary conference for undergraduate and graduate students on popular culture and creative writing, hosted by Students of the University of Regina.
March 13-14, 2015

The seventh annual Trash Talkin' conference is an opportunity to analyse pop culture in an academic setting unlike the ordinary classroom.

Trash Talkin' is about pop culture phenomena and media and its intersection with academic theories and discourse. Explore it, delve into it.

You want to write a paper about The Hunger Games and Butler's theories on gender performativity? You write that paper. We'll read it, and you can discuss it in front of an engaged, academic audience.

We will consider scholarly papers, creative writing, visual art, and film from students of all disciplines, from any theoretical or methodological perspective, on any aspect of pop culture.

Among the variety of subjects, those discussed in past conferences have included:
• Greek epics and Breaking Bad
• Historiographic metafictions
• Autism and The Big Bang Theory
• Heidegger, Game Theory, and Dungeons and Dragons
• Buddhism and the Modern Ghost in Kurosagi's Corpse Delivery Service
• Postmodern Civic Architecture
• Original creative writing pieces

Submissions should not be longer than 20 minutes (approx. 8-10 pages, double-spaced). Formal audio-visual presentations are acceptable, but must still include a written paper. Film submissions must also include a complete copy of the film to be presented.

If you want to form a panel, all organisers/participants must include all papers or presentations as part of the proposal.

We encourage multimedia presentations. All papers, panels, and presentations will be refereed.

Papers must be received by January 15, 2015 via email or hard copy.

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