Panel "Proliferating Minoritized Bodies & Knowledges in the University," Cultural Studies Association, Riverside May 21-4, 2015

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(Women & Queer) of Color Critique Working Group of the Cultural Studies Association
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Cultural Studies Association, "Another University Is Possible: Praxis, Activism, and the Promise of Critical Pedagogy"

Riverside Convention Center, Riverside, Greater Los Angeles Area, California, 21-24 May, 2015

"Proliferating Minoritized Bodies and Knowledges in the University"

This panel asserts that "Transforming the University" requires attending to the conditions of (im)possibility for the flourishing of both minoritized bodies and knowledges. In "The Futures of Our World," Grace Hong follows the tradition of Barbara Christian and Black feminists to argue that we must interrogate the standards by which knowledges are valued and legitimized. Since women of color feminism and queer of color critique query what remains subjugated and unknowable, these analytics remain illegible under neoliberal standards of academic excellence. Yet, these analytics remain vital insofar as they foreground minoritized knowledges that trouble the logic of institutionality that actively inhibits the flourishing of students and faculty of color. We invite abstracts that think imaginatively about myriad ways in which we may create the conditions for proliferating minoritized knowledges and bodies within the university. How might cultural productions provide ways of imagining and materializing these conditions?
In addition to submissions that directly address this topic, we encourage applicants to submit abstracts for an open panel broadly pertaining to (women + queer) of color critique.

If you are interested in participating in one of the TWO Working Group-sponsored panels on the (Women & Queer) of Color Critique, please submit the following by February 15, 2015:

a. Your name, email address, department, and institutional affiliation.
b. A 500-word (or less) abstract for the 20-minute paper proposed, including a paper title.
c. Audio-visual equipment needs (no requests for AV equipment can be honored later).
d. Note as to whether you are responding to the general call or the panel on "Proliferating Minoritized Bodies and Knowledges in the University."
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