Subjectivity in an Object World

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St. John’s University Humanities Review (Vol. Thirteen, Issue 1/Spring 2015)
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Publication: St. John's University Humanities Review (Vol. Thirteen, Issue 1/Spring 2015)

"The chief defect of humanism is that it concerns human beings. Between humanism and something else, it might be possible to create an acceptable fiction."
-Wallace Stevens

Amidst the growing field of posthumanism, subjectivity increasingly finds itself under fire. Any attempt to step outside of it only re-inscribes subjectivity, and a vicious cycle is formed. This absence of objectivity proves to be not only frustrating, but exceedingly problematic. The humanities have, naturally, been at the forefront of this issue, as many artistic productions and philosophical inquiries have experimented with subjectivity in complex and groundbreaking ways. This issue of the St. John's Humanities Review seeks to examine how the increasingly problematic notion of the subject-object relationship is handled in the humanities. Contributors may submit scholarly articles or reviews that explore the various literary, artistic, or theatrical attempts to redefine or radicalize subjectivity. We are also accepting submissions of original artwork and photography which explore parallel ideas.

Articles and reviews should be approximately 3000 - 5000 words in length. All submissions are due by January 25, 2015, and should include a cover page with name, contact information, and a short bio including academic affiliation. Please send all submissions and queries to Selected submissions will be published in the Spring 2015 issue of the St. John's Humanities Review.