#LOL: Literature, Language and Humour

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David Ellis/ University of Wolverhampton UK
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One Day Conference: Call for Papers
University of Wolverhampton (City Campus), Saturday 23 May, 2015.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Christie Davies (Reading University)
Humour can be a serious business. In its various manifestations as genre, sub-genres and specific devices, humour has a long and significant history in narrative form and public discourse. It has the capacity to expose its object (and conceal its author) through parody, satire and intertextual reference: and it has been a source of instruction for children, avoiding didacticism and moralising. Humour is a vehicle for the expression of regional and group identities through communicative code, reference and dialect: and it has functioned as both a savage attack and a sugar-coating for the exposure of prejudice. It has even been used to entertain.
The Centre for Transnational and Transcultural Research at the University of Wolverhampton invites proposals for 20-minute papers exploring the production and reception of humour in literary and popular cultures and as a linguistic device. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

• Literary Satire
• Regional Humour
• Humour Writing
• Language and Humour
• Parody and Intertextuality
• Humour and Performance
• Nonsense
• Transnational Humour

Abstracts of 300 words should be submitted by Monday, March 2nd 2015 to David Ellis (david.ellis@wlv.ac.uk). Please include your institutional affiliation and preferred email address.
Registration fee: £40 waged; £20 Unwaged.