CFP MLA 2016 (Austin, 01/07-01/10). Special Session, "Race in/after Conceptual Writing"

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Seth Perlow
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Papers are invited for a special session on treatments (and elisions) of racial politics, aesthetics, identities, and experiences in recent conceptual writing and related experimentalisms. If conceptual writing pits itself "against expression," how might its practitioners offer possibilities for challenging and reworking conventional ways of writing racial politics or for entrenching racialized assumptions and racial privilege within the worlds of experimental poetry and poetry studies? Efforts to develop alternatives to personal experience and collective conscience as frameworks of literary production might yield novel approaches to race, or they might further submerge histories of racial violence and be blind to the exigencies of contemporary racial experience. What factors have made gender/sexuality and class more common and legitimate identity-political markers than race has been among conceptual writers and their respondents? Has the critique of "identity" by conceptual poets and critics implicitly meant "racial identity"? Papers might focus on the whitewashing of experimental literature in the discourse of conceptual writing, on the new ways of writing race that conceptualism enables, or both. They might treat any aspect of racial or ethnic identity in conceptual writing, in the debates that have emerged from its reception, or in antecedent experimental literature.

Send abstracts no later than March 13, 2015.