Communities of Practice: Toward a Local and Global Digital Humanities

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Communities of Practice: Toward a Local and Global Digital Humanities

Cogent Arts & Humanities welcomes submissions to a special collection of articles exploring the evolving field of digital humanities.

Digital technology has forever changed the way humanists conduct research and engage with the world. It is now common for scholars to share research online with an increasingly global audience yet local resources continue to animate and inform so much digital humanities research.

This special collection will explore the potential impact of information technology and digital media on humanities research communities. The editors encourage a wide range of novel and interdisciplinary approaches to this theme: we seek submissions dedicated to describing community formation and collaboration while accounting for global research partners and local knowledge stakeholders; we encourage submissions that reflect on both the local conditions necessary to conduct research—in the form of archives, people, places, and cultures—and the broader effects of globalized and outward facing humanities practice; and we are seeking submissions that can colocate the social, political, and cultural impacts of digital humanities research occurring around the corner and around the world.

Authors may wish to consider the following questions in preparing submissions:

How does digital humanities research articulate, quantify, or reshape potential audiences?
How does research move outside academic settings?
How does digital humanities research measure the value of social and political engagement?
How can research overcome local linguistic or cultural bias on this global stage?
We welcome research articles, critical essays, and review articles representing a variety of approaches, including but not limited to:

Digital Literature Studies
Book History and Publishing
Electronic Literature & Creative Coding
Pedagogical Practice and Curriculum Development
Visual and Material Culture
Cultural Heritage & History
Work may also be submitted in a range of media, including traditional research articles, films, audio pieces, datasets, and multimedia files. For further guidance on submitting your multimedia work, please read our guidelines on multimedia submissions.

There are many advantages to publishing in Cogent Arts & Humanities, including:

All articles are free to read online by anyone
Authors retain copyright in their work
Articles are published on the state-of-the-art Cogent OA web platform and the Taylor & Francis Online database
Articles receive global marketing and indexing, with each article displaying individual readership and citation metrics
Articles can be submitted in any standard format and will be copy-edited and typeset into the journal style
No fixed word limit on articles
Permanent preservation and archiving of each article
To submit your work, please visit the journal's dedicated online submission system:

The deadline for submissions for this special collection is 16th November 2015.

During the submission process you will be able to confirm that your work is intended for the special collection on digital humanities.

We look forward to working with you to bring exciting new scholarship to the widest possible audience.

Aaron Mauro & Ray Siemens

Guest Editors, Cogent Arts & Humanities