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Fairty Tale Sensibilities and Their Sustainability, SAMLA, 11/13/2015 - 11/15/2015

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 7:17pm
Kathy Whitaker/East Georgia State College

It is a given that fairy tales are more than stories just for children. Their messages transcend age, culture, and generation. Broad classification of fairy tales and their elements, first by Antti Aarne and refined by Stith Thompson in the early twentieth century helps to point out these commonalities. While common elements help us to connect to the stories, we are impacted just as strongly by tales told through various art forms. From the opera to classical music to ballet, from painting to sculpture, to film and photography, the written words that create the fairy tales are brought to life through incorporating other senses of sight, hearing, and touch. An excellent example is the iconic bronze statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.

Montaigne in Early Modern England and Scotland

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 7:06pm
Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Durham University, England

Montaigne in Early Modern England and Scotland

Confirmed speakers:

Warren Boutcher (Queen Mary)
Will Hamlin (Washington State)
Katie Murphy (Oxford)
John O'Brien (Durham)
Richard Scholar (Oxford)
David Louis Sedley (Haverford)

Dates: Fri.-Sat. 6-7 Nov. 2015

Sexual Violence on the Early Modern English Stage

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 4:42pm
RSA Boston 2016

This session seeks to explore the representation of sexual violence on the English stage as both a trope and as an articulation of early modern patriarchal systems of authority and governance. From the threatened rape of Mariana in Pericles to Heywood's Rape of Lucrece and Fletcher's Bonduca, sexual violence permeated the London stage. By considering the role of sexual violence within early modern theatrical culture, this session will investigate how anxieties regarding gender norms were literally performed, how individual playwrights resisted, complied with, or complicated prevailing notions of gendered behaviour, and how the threat of sexual violence functioned as a strategy of gendered governance in the period.

[UPDATE] "Collaboration & Betrayal" (Deadline: June 1, 2015)

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 4:26pm
South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA), Durham, NC

In its aesthetic and political senses, "collaboration" has a twofold, seemingly contradictory meaning. On the one hand, collaboration names a creative and democratically communicative sharing between individuals, disciplines, traditions, etc. Yet, on the other hand, this positive sense is countered by negative connotations of traitorous and nefarious "collaborationism." While the positive sense of collaboration has found academic credibility in its interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary guises, the negative connotations of collaboration refer us to traditions of appropriation, marginalization, and usurpation.

"New Directions in Africana Literature" - Abstract Deadline 6/10/15 - SAMLA 87 Conference (November 13-15)

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 3:55pm
South Atlantic Modern Language Association

"New Directions in Africana Literature"

This panel welcomes papers that explore the contours and contexts of contemporary Africana Literature. We invite presenters to consider potential new scholarly directions for emerging writers of African descent as well as established writers whose recent works address the imperatives of the current moment. We especially welcome papers that address the SAMLA 87 theme ("In Concert: Literature and the Other Arts"). Other themes that panelists might address in their work include, but are not limited to:

· Contemporary literary works that challenge or disrupt conventional understandings of form and/or genre


Friday, May 15, 2015 - 2:54pm
JSR: Journal for the Study of Radicalism

JSR: Journal for the Study of Radicalism—a print academic journal published by Michigan State University Press—announces a call for articles and reviews for our tenth year of issues.

Our next thematic issue is on literature and radicalism. We are interested in the ways radical groups, individuals, or movements appear in fiction or poetry. We are interested in radicalism across the political spectrum (or perhaps even off the conventional spectrum, as the case may be).

We are very much interested in articles for a coming issue (or issues) devoted to anarchism and contemporary variants of anarchism or putative anarchism of the right as well as of the left—and, of course, anarchism without any clear conventional political alignments.

The End of Nostalgia: Music in Mad Men; Nov 13-15: SAMLA Conference, Durham, North Carolina

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 1:13pm
Anthony Dotterman/Adelphi University

Peggy Lee's version of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller's song "Is that All There Is?" features prominently in the first episode of season 7b of Mad Men. Indeed, the song alludes to the existential crisis of Don Draper (whose acquired wealth and success in the ad agency business have given way to emotional ennui) and the larger disappointment in the American political and cultural optimism of the 1960s. In short, Peggy Lee's song functions as a modern version of the Greek chorus in the episode as the viewer is impelled to contemplate the changing mood of society through the episode's chosen soundtrack. As a disciple of David Chase, who used popular music prominently in The Sopranos, Weiner's use of music in storytelling is perhaps unsurprising.

Mary Elizabeth Braddon Panel at Victorians Institute

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 12:20pm
MAry Elizabeth BRaddon Association/ Victorians Institute

Mary Elizabeth Braddon Special Authors Panel at
OCTOBER 2 – 3, 2015

Irish Celebrity, Distinction, and Reputation

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 11:46am
New England American Conference for Irish Studies (NEACIS)

Celebrity, Distinction, and Reputation

The 2015 NEACIS (New England Region of the American Conference for Irish Studies) meeting will be held at the University of New Haven on November 20-21. We welcome proposals for individual papers and panels focusing on all aspects of Irish Studies. Graduate students are encouraged to participate. Especially welcome are papers that address the conference theme of "Celebrity, Distinction, and Reputation."

[UPDATE] Toy Story at 20 conference

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 9:24am
University of Sunderland

Toy Story at 20
University of Sunderland and Tyneside Cinema
Thursday 12 November to Friday 13 November 2015

**REVISED** Call for Papers
Extended submission deadline: 1 June 2015

Adaptations and the Metropolis: 10th Annual Conference of the Association of Adaptation Studies, Senate House, London, 24-25 Sep

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 6:37am
Deborah Cartmell, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

Adaptations and the Metropolis: 10th Annual Conference of the Association of Adaptation Studies, Senate House, London, 24-25 September, 2015


The Association of Adaptation Studies invite proposals for papers for the 10th Annual Conference in London on 24-25 September, 2015, organised with the Institute of English Studies, University of London. Confirmed speakers are: Andrew Davies, screenwriter and patron of the Association of Adaptation Studies, Jonathan Powell, former Head of BBC Drama and Controllor of BBC1, now Professor of Media Arts, Royal Holloway University, and Professor Graham Holderness, critic, novelist, poet and dramatist.

International Conference on Ecopoetics "Dwellings of Enchantment: Writing and Reenchanting the Earth" - June 22nd - 25th 2016

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 5:41am
CRESEM - University of Perpignan Via Domitia (France)

University of Perpignan Via Domitia, France

June 22nd-25th 2016

Guest Writers

Linda Hogan

Other writers to be confirmed

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Joni Adamson, Arizona State University

François Gavillon, Université de Brest

Yves-Charles Grandjeat, Université de Bordeaux

Wendy Harding, Université Toulouse Jean-Jaurès

Scott Slovic, University of Idaho

[FINAL CFP: DEADLINE 29TH MAY] Fantasy/Animation: A Conference on Media, Medium and Genre

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 5:09am
King's College London

Fantasy/Animation: A Conference on Media, Medium and Genre

https://fantasyanimation2015.wordpress.com / Follow us on Twitter: @fananim2015

Friday 4th September 2015, King's College London, Strand Campus
Deadline for abstracts: Friday 29th May 2015

Confirmed keynote speakers: Professor Paul Wells (Loughborough University)
Dr James Walters (University of Birmingham)

Special Issue of Wenshan Review: "Affective Perspectives from East Asia," deadline: 15 October 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 4:37am
Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Since the turn of the new millennium, affect studies has emerged as one of the most burgeoning fields within literary and cultural studies, a theoretical trend in the West which we now designate as "the affective turn." Over the years a myriad approaches to affect have appeared one after another, which helped contribute to a discursive heteroglossia in which its scope of influence and visibility proves increasingly vast. Some critics followed in the footsteps of queer theorist Eve Sedgwick's psychological model, a school which had played a key role in the institution of affect studies per se, whereas some insisted upon the an intervention into affect's socio-political implications from the perspectives of cultural criticism or classical psychoanalysis.