CFP: Academic Cover Versions

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Jeff Rice/University of Kentucky
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Intermezzo, a digital longform publication associated with Enculturation (, seeks submissions that address the subject of academic cover versions.

Media production has always been accompanied by the cover version. Indeed, media is always the site of iterative production, taking previously composed works and remaking them for new audiences, with new perspectives, with new stylistics, with new ideas. 1960s rock and roll artists covered blues songs. Some hip hop songs remake previous disco and R&B songs. Movies often remake previous versions. Many of the stories we are familiar with – from romance to Western to sci-fi - are newer versions of previously circulated ones. Music and film are the most notable media associated with cover versions, but writing, too, can generate covers. A cover version appropriates the core of the original (insuring audience recognition) while simultaneously converting that core into a new composition. Writing in the age of new media, too, can be a cover version.

Intermezzo seeks 20-40,000 word essays that are academic cover versions of previously published essays, books, theoretical concepts or idea, or edited collections. Submissions can mimic style or content, but should also provide one's own take on the original composition. Covers could be odes, homages, critiques, updated versions, technological versions, reversals, or some other approach that creatively reimagines the original composition.

We are particularly interested in essays from a variety of professional backgrounds: professors, administrators, and adjuncts from every level of higher education. We are also interested in essays which take advantage of organizational strategies print publications might not publish.

All essays published with Intermezzo undergo peer review. Intermezzo is committed to providing an outlet for essays too long for journal publication, but too short for monograph publication. Essays are published as open source and receive ISBN numbers. They may include multimedia as well.

Intermezzo is meant to be a venue where writers can produce scholarly work in unique ways, outside of institutional or disciplinary expectation, and it takes advantage of digital media as a platform for both content and distribution of timely topics. The first Intermezzo publication will be released in 2015.

Please submit submissions, abstracts, or queries to

Jeff Rice
Series Editor