PAMLA Special Session Deadline extended--June 10 Performing Women's Roles: 1500-1700 England

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Shane Wood- PAMLA
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Abstract: This special session will explore the intricacies and expectations embodied in portrayals of womanhood in Renaissance and Restoration England. This session desires papers using literature and plays to discuss the realities for and suppositions of women that were common in this era, potentially looking at the broader social implications.

Description: The roles of women, the responsibilities allowed them, and the expectations thrust upon them changed drastically during this period in England, and with it the representation of women both in literature and on the stage. By focusing a panel on this specific era and the interplay between society and the art it created, this panel hopes to encourage those scholars working in the growing but still generally unexplored area of research that marries traditional literary studies with Theatre history and performance studies. This panel will specifically be looking at the ways in which the portrayal of women shifted up to and after their being allowed to represent themselves on the stage in 1660. This panel will allow, in a way that the more general panels may not, a place to specifically discuss the relationship between the portrayed and the portrayer, between the subject and the artist.

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