Accommodating Disability Through Accessibility in Eng. Classroom; deadline, 11/1/15; conference dates, 3/30-4/2/16, Denver, CO

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Charles A. S. Ernst/College English Association

Universal Design & Other Challenges: Accommodating Disability Through Accessibility in the English Classroom

500-word proposals for 15-minute papers/presentations on the challenges and opportunities in teaching students with disabilities in composition or literature courses. Papers should address issues like the following: teaching methods and resources, including universal design curricula, to support students with physical challenges (e.g., sight, hearing, paralysis), students with learning disabilities (e.g., cognitive impairment affecting reading, writing; attention deficit syndrome), and other disabilities; dealing with students susceptible to non-disclosure of disabilities; high school to college transition for English majors with disabilities; consideration of institutional liability risks of IT inaccessibility in F2F, online, and hybrid courses; faculty assumptions, attitudes, and responsibilities: on teaching, evaluating, what to report and to whom; consideration of the increase of this population in the classroom; an ethics of care in the work assigned and the readings discussed; the role of Academic Services as related to English faculty; department, division, and institutional support; assessment measures and outcomes—"norms" and outliers. The presentation should be integrated with relevant research on students with disabilities to support the discussion and conclusions offered.