[UPDATE] ACLA 2016, Harvard: Images of Science in Literature

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Catalina Florina Florescu, Pace University

This seminar investigates the views man has expressed about the impact of technology and science across recorded history. Questions that might be addressed include: What is the relationship between religion and technology? Has man always viewed technological innovations as positive? What relationship is there between man's vision of utopian society and technology? The seminar promotes awareness of the importance of literature in creating and maintaining the social, political, ethical and religious systems by which we live. The seminar also considers how humans have discussed the impact of technology and science on society. Suggested primary works may include, but are not limited to, T. More's Utopia; A.Huxley's Brave New World; H. Müller's The Passport; S. Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape; E. Ionesco's Rhinoceros; S. Ruhl's Dead Man's Cell Phone; A. Clarke's "The Nine Billions Name of God"; U. Guin's "The One Who Walked Away from Omelas"; A. Lightman's Einstein's Dreams; etc.

Please submit an abstract online, http://www.acla.org/node/5239, no later than Sept 23rd.
Thank you for your scholarly interest.
Dr. Florescu