Habitats and Hazzards [10/19/15;2/19/16]

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Natures 2016: the 8th annual interdisciplinary environmental humanities conference

Conference to be held on February 19, 2016 on the campus of La Sierra University (Riverside, CA, USA). 250 word abstracts due by October 19, 2015 to http://lasierra.edu/english/natures/abstract-submission-form/
Our theme invites exploration of the habitats and hazards facing and faced in the disciplines of the humanities. Papers may explore the conference theme as applied to the texts of humanities studies (e.g. the hazardous spaces of "Jane Eyre"), or the various crises that threaten the material world now or in the past (e.g. popular culture depictions of pollution). Presenters are invited to (re)frame the terms of the theme in ways relevant to their projects.
Topics may include, but are not limited to:
•Close readings of texts (written, physical, and/or visual), from any period
•Domesticity, urbanity, public/private, setting in literature, history, art, and popular culture
•Pollution, scarcity, competition over resources
•Intersections between digital and environmental humanities

Dr. Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook (UC Santa Barbara) will make two plenary presentations: one on her research and the other on a topic related to professional development in academia.

For more information about the Natures conference see http://lasierra.edu/natures/