New website "Why Social Theory?" Seeks Contributors

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"Why Social Theory?"

The Committee on Social Theory at the University of Kentucky is excited to announce our forthcoming project, the website "Why Social Theory?"

This site is designed to become the premiere source for scholars on the subject of Social Theory. As part of the website, we are designing a compendium of key terms, theorists, and schools of thought.

We invite contributors to produce entries for the website. These should range from 250 to 750 words and include references. Entries may cover a particular term (intersubjectivity, spatiality) theorist (Foucault, Marx, Judith Butler) or school of thought (postcolonialism, neo-Marxism, queer theory).

Interested contributors should write for a list of possible terms and authors. You may also submit a term for approval. Please include your academic affiliations. All submissions will be reviewed by at least one external reader and participants will receive publication attribution for their approved submissions.

Deadline: Please contact us for the list of terms or with the term(s) you're proposing and your affiliation information by November 30th. Writers will have until January 15th, 2016 to complete their submissions.

To apply or to request further information, please email