- ROUNDTABLE - Teaching World Literature at the Borders

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MMLA 2016 St. Louis, MO
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In the spirit of MMLA's conference theme of "Border States," this roundtable seeks to explore new pedagogical approaches to the teaching of world literature to college undergraduates, especially those in survey courses, though others will be considered. We are particularly interested in papers that explore how we introduce students to "world literature" in new and innovative ways, models that move from traditional surveys to the borders of world literature, and ways in which world literature, broadly speaking, can be effectively included in the curricula.

This is a roundtable, and discussions of this topic might explore various conceptions of "borders" in world literature courses and how we shape our syllabi and course goals to extend to exciting horizons beyond these limits; teaching the online persistence of cultural geographies and disciplinary genealogies of national literatures; teaching mythic and/or exilic literatures in survey courses; the relationship of literature and cultural exchange in the classroom; or "borders" of traditional teaching, and ways we disrupt the standard models of literature classrooms.

Topics from all college levels dealing with world literature and engaging questions of its teaching broadly conceived within this theme are welcome, including conversations about survey courses or other world literature classes. For consideration, send a 200-300 word abstract and very brief bio to mmodarelli@walsh.edu.