Broadway & Media Studies (SCMS, Chicago, March 2017)

deadline for submissions: 
July 29, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
Pete Kunze (University of Texas at Austin)
contact email: 

I seek two other papers for a panel on the alternately symbiotic and antagonistic relationship between Broadway and Hollywood--as entertainment industries, cultural destinations, and/or aesthetics. The circulation of talent and content between Broadway and Hollywood obviously has a long and complex history, from Hollywood's poaching of Broadway talent during the early sound era to its bankrolling of Broadway shows as early as the 1930s. Broadway became a testing ground for shows that later found new life on the screen, while in the 1960s (and again in the 2000s), Hollywood films served as the basis for hit musicals: Carnival!, She Loves MePromises, Promises and, later,The ProducersHairspray, and Spamalot. Indeed Broadway seems very much affected by the tentpole mentality that has long impacted Hollywood, from the preference for revivals over new musicals to the adaptation and rebooting of transmedia properties. I also welcome papers that engage Broadway with other cultural industries: live TV musicals, the popularity of Broadway cast recordings (not the least of which being Hamilton), or live-streaming Broadway productions (BroadwayHD). A range of approaches and methods welcome, including, but not limited to: industrial analysis, formal analysis, fandom and reception studies, representational analysis, cultural history, etc. 

Please contact Pete Kunze at with a brief proposal by Friday, July 29; 100 words is fine. Selected papers will be asked to expand for the formal proposal to SCMS.