Caught at the Intersection: Mapping Narrative, Ethics, and Aesthetics

deadline for submissions: 
October 10, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
Sigma Tau Delta's Far Western Regional Conference

Sigma Tau Delta is inviting submissions from all disciplines and fields to this year’s Far Western Regional Conference held at California State University, Fullerton on November 4-5, 2016.

This conference aims to foster an environment in which the creation, execution, and distribution of narratives and the surrounding ethical questions and issues of story-telling, voice, and identity can be examined. The myriad of literary images, sounds, and texts across diverse cultural milieus rely on vast webs of interconnected narratives, which occupy a space both “micro” in its intimacy with those who narrate and “macro” in the socio-political relations and disruptions produced from within the genre(s) stories boldly occupy. In Felix Guattari’s Chaosmosis, for example, he encourages us to consider a new aesthetic paradigm with “ethico-political implications because to speak of creation is to speak of the responsibility of the creative instance with regard to the thing created.” As such, narrative can be regarded in many forms, including traditional literary texts—novels, poetry, plays, and essays—as well as broader expressions of emotions and creative vision communicated through art, film, music, media, performance, and photography or any hybridity thereof. We strongly encourage submissions with innovative approaches to texts, ideologies, and philosophies, which work towards an intersectionality of dialogues about provocative topics, including but not limited to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and [non]human life and ability. Abstracts should discuss how narrative, ethics, and aesthetics intersect within traditional and/or nontraditional texts, highlighting alternative interpretations or modalities of experience.

We are accepting individual proposals and panel presentations. Please submit to by October 10th and apply the following:

  • Create as a Word document or pdf attachment
  • Limit abstract to 250-500 words
  • Include full name, university affiliation, and academic standing (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral student, or independent scholar)

Possible topics for the conference may include:

-Issues of Authorship and Identity

-Ethics of Adaptation: Retelling, Reproduction, and Appropriation

-Pedagogy and Education: Ideology and Dogma in Instruction

-Cultural Conventions, Traditions, and/or Commonalities

-Politics of Aesthetics and the Aesthetics of Politics

-Space and Borders: Ecocriticism, Postcolonialism, and Territorialization of Language

-History vs. Historical: Reshaping, A-Temporality, and Continuity

-Modernity, [Pop] Culture, and/or Consumerism: Technology, Advertising, Social Media, Journalism, and/or Television


*For more information, please contact the Alpha Delta Zeta chapter president, Eliza Ebro, at if you have any further questions or concerns.